Image Breakfast Bonding

With Mister being on the road from LA to Texas to Paris we have had to adjust our schedules. I am the crazy lady dropping one child off at softball and picking up another one from band. He is stuck in hotels and meetings. For 18 years we saw each other almost every day. Now we have 3 weeks together and apart for a week or so. Not too bad. However, when Mister is home he is not wanting to leave the house. So, I started making these breakfast skillets. When I made them for myself they were full of veggies, sometimes no meat at all. When he discovered my concoction the entire thing changed…meat, meat and mo’meat. We eat these once or twice a week together at our kitchen island. It is just our little thing and has become a time of catching up and reflection. Who doesn’t like to eat and talk.

What little things do you and your significant other do that is just your own private time to catch up?


Image C+ for my parenting this school year

I am giving myself a C+ for parenting this school year. Yep, that’s my grade. I have half-assed all school year. From unsigned agendas to just sending money instead of going to the store for items for school activities. Why, well there are a few reasons for this year being hectic. This is the first year that ALL the girls have had activities. My youngest started baton, band was a continuation, gymnastics and track. Not to mention I returned to school to finish my bachelors degree. So, yeah I was half-assed and am not ashamed to admit it.
I felt so guilty at first but then I got over it. I did what I could and I actually dropped some activities to get things done. I had to stop my 4H sewing program because I could not run from track practice to sewing and back again and my passion for it was gone.
So how did I stop myself from feeling too guilty? Well, as a mom we always feel a little guilty when we cannot do everything for our kids but I had to teach my kids that some things cannot be done. Some things won’t be done and also to take some responsibility for the things that they want.
One day I dropped my daughter off at home and told her to get a snack as well as her gymnastics uniform on while I picked up her sister from a club event. Once I returned she decided that checking her Animal Jam account was more important. Well, she learned a valuable lesson that day, she missed gymnastics. I felt a little guilty but eventually she quit gymnastics and that was fine with me. If kids don’t have the passion for it I don’t waste money AND time.
It is now the end of the year. I missed out on the daily teacher gifts and other programs because I had little thing called my college graduation to attend. I may attend field days to boost my credibility but I still give myself a C for the school year. So, how did you do this year? Did you make crappy lunches, forget to turn in field trip money? We have all done it. What grade would you give yourself this school year?


Image Prince of Solana book review

Prince of Solana (The Royals of Solana Series Book 1)Prince of Solana by Susan Sheehey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review. I wanted to like this book but it went against almost everything that I love about romance novels. The prince, Andre was the weakest man in a book I have ever read. Don’t get me wrong I love a strong woman and a man who shows his emotions but Andre had no type of heroics to him whatsoever. Gemma protected him in every situation. Andre had no strengths to him whatsoever to justify his cockiness. I understand he was a prince a spoiled but he had no depth. The ending was so over the top with a country girl suddenly having the skills of an assassin. It was all to much to be believable. I was not a fan. I kept waiting on him to do something and he never did.

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Make a decision

The things that you can control, you must control. Make a decision. Don’t victimize or minimize yourself for anyone. Make a decision. Don’t make an excuse. Make a decision. There is too much free wi-fi to say you don’t know where to start. Make a decision. If people laugh...