The new world of paper planners

June 29, 2015

Planners  are a big thing that I thought was outdated??? Yes, there are planner snobs and $100+ planners, fountain pens..stickers the works!! But let me start from the beginning…

One of my favorite cartoons is The Boondocks on Adult Swim. Admittedly, after the last season it really fell off. However, there are always words of wisdom between the crass stylings of this cartoon. In one episode a character name Gin Rummy speaks of know unknowns…things we don’t know we don’t know. This was exactly what I thought when I discovered the world of PLANNERS and groups all over Facebook pertaining to the same thing!!!

Well, I have been using my paper planner for a year and I love it. I can see all the things we need to get done. With 5 kids, 3 cats and a husband that can add up to a lot.  I can see events coming up with great ease. So, I purchase my new planner and posted it on my personal Facebook page just because I thought is was so cute. Well, 2 of my friends jumped right on it and it became this long thread of Facebook groups and brand names of the hottest planners and washi tape source….WTH is washi tape?? They began talking about how they decorate their paper planners and that there was a an entire community of #plannergeeks. What is this you say??

It’s true!!  If you type Planners or Planning  into Youtube and Instagram you will be blown away by these young ladies pimping out their planners. The cute washi tape, the Erin Condren, Kikki and Filofax name brands.  I did not know about any of this until I began to research. WOW! I thought I was doing something with my little PlanAhead planner but I have definitely been slacking. So I made a few trips to the Dollar Tree and Wally world, which according to planner community is not the best place. I had no choice since I am in the country which lacks any sort of stationary store.

I made do and now, I love my planner more than ever. I am not at the level of these awesome ladies, whose videos are below, but with my love of crafting I am sure I can get into this really quick. I have already made a “planner charm” for my planner and I write everything thing down in it. I am now more excited to plan and I enjoy crossing out the tasks as they get accomplished. I am looking to upgrade to a fountain pen soon …oooooooh! I will keep you posted on my weekly planner pages and links to sticker providers. In the mean time here are some links that have inspired me to plan.







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