Toastmasters Day!! Talking about YouTube

June 30, 2015


Toastmasters Day!

Today is my weekly Toastmaster meeting. I have missed a few weeks due to traveling but I am back. Today, I will presenting my first speech from my Advance Communicator manual. This is the manual you receive after achieving you first CC or Competent Communicator award. My topic will be one of my favorites…..YouTube!

 I call myself a YouTube University alumni. I have learned everything for canning salsa to installing a thermostat into my home, all by watching YouTube. I am huge fan of it because I can look for everyday people and even well qualified companies to instruct me on exactly what I need to know. Even down to the product name a serial number!

I am always complimented on my topics when it comes to to Toastmasters because I am far from a boring, cookie cutter type person. My audience is a bit of an older group so I will have to do a little more breaking down of my topic than I would if I were talking to a group of teenagers or millennials but that is the challenge and beauty of Toastmasters.

If you would like to find a Toastmaster group in your area click on the link below.



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