Embrace your geek day!!

July 13, 2015


Embrace your inner geek.

We are a family of geeks. Many people don’t see themselves as geeks because they are used to the common Star Wars or Dungeons and Dragons type geek. But if you know a little too much about fictional characters than the average person then you my friend are a geek!! My family is full of them. We are all oddballs. My husband is probably the worst because he was a geek before I met him and now he is even worse. He loves Star Wars, Harry Potter and most recently Game of Thrones. He has been cussing up a storm waiting on the the next book. I can’t get through a single episode without already knowing what is going to happen or what should have happened. He is a walking talking SPOILER ALERT!!!

My daughters are all about Japanese Manga and Video game characters. They love reading them and redrawing the characters…WHO DOES THAT??? Geeks do. I can’t say it bothers me but it does take up the majority of their computer time. In just a short time my 13 year old has over 200 followers on Tumblr. WHAT!!?? They love sharing their pictures with people they have never met. They maintain message-boards and really love the community they get from fellow geeks. They have not experienced any creepiness yet. I do keep my computer in the living room and dining room, so they are kept from getting too crazy. Internet safety is important to teach your kids.

My geekiness is all in my books. I love the characters and I become so attached to them I can’t stand it. I didn’t realize I was a geek until I had nobody to talk to about the books but fellow readers because nobody else cares LOL. It is still fun and I would not trade it for anything.

Embrace you inner geek and most importantly find fellow geeks with simple hashtags and searches and any social media platform you frequent.

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