Let that bridge burn…in fact I’ll bring the marshmallows.

August 10, 2015



burn bridgesI have seen so many memes and quotes on social media. People actually take each one as their truth. However, this one truly spoke to me. I am almost 40 years old and some people I thought would never be gone from my life. Some things I never thought I would do. One thing I have to teach myself is when to be done. When to be happy with the decision I have made or someone has made for me. I am too old to waste another minute rebuilding something that was burned to the ground by a simple flicker or misplaced thought. Once a bridge is burned the gap is hard to fill. It takes man hours and equipment and most of all, time. A lot of time. Even  if you rebuild it, the foundation will be quite shaky and you will more that likely still choose an alternate route to take because frankly, it ain’t worth the risk.

In business we are told not to be safe.To take on new challenges. These challenges however are for our benefit and personal growth. They help us get over fears and frustrations that will take us to the next level. They allow us to experience things that fear would never allows us. When someone burns a bridge with you in the words of Usher…Let It Burn.



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