You will burn in hell for reading Fifty Shades of Grey

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I had to hit the blog for this crap. Yes, I have read Fifty Shades of Grey…all three…in less than 2 weeks. Yes, I am a Christian. Did I burn and die afterwards..No. I have I read other erotica YES!! I am huge fan of vampire books, demons all sorts of crazy stuff and I am always judged on what I read. My husband laughs and calls it smut…my mom listen to the stories I tell her about what I read. My friends and I discuss all sorts of books. Judging me on reading Fifty shades of Gray is like judging a person on what you’ve heard about them from bias people…Ooops, Christians do that as well. So, you guys make us look bad all the way around. No wonder the churches are packed on Sunday morning (sarcasm). So, you can tell me all the things wrong in my life and how you are perfect and you can judge a person on a book you have never read. But then you are mad when people judge Christians by the crazy man at the bus stop preaching, Tammy Faye or the child molesting Popes.

STOP IT!!! If you don’t want to read it, don’t. But don’t call me “less than a  lady” because I like it. Most have not read it and are reaching for a reason to judge everyone who has. Standing on moral ground?? Well, let me get this long as I only read G rated books…wear G rated clothes and have G rated sex (LAME/Non-Existent ) then you won’t judge me. But, if pastor has sex with  the congregation, steals money or cheats on his wife as long as he asks forgiveness your arms are welcoming. SHUT UP!!! You guys are full of it.

I am so sick of Christians giving reasons to non-believers that HERE is another reason you’re not good enough to be in the kingdom. Why, YOU are not worthy. You make me sick.

Let me tell you something non-believer if you read Fifty Shades then you have your own interpretation of what Christian and Anastasia look like and everything else in the book. Don’t let these people deter you from God, because you can do with the bible, just like you did with Fifty shades. Read the book and decide for yourself how you interpret certain passages as the spirit leads and let God deal with you on that. Not these jerks looking for yet another group of people to shun from Christianity. I did not think this post would lead me to tears… #cabbagepatchtothat

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