Vodka saves lives…and meditation too

July 5, 2016

For years I have talked about how Vodka saves lives. It has been my go to, to stop stress. I know, I know…not good. Well, apparently there is a safer alternative, and a lot cheaper. Its called meditation. I tried meditation off and on for a few years…mostly off. I tried different apps but as always I fell off. My focus could not be kept.

I then made it a point…to focus. I knew that this was my biggest problem. My lack of focus. I tried the Calm app. and it was pretty good. I remember it being somewhat limited. Then I moved on to the MHK app and I really enjoyed that. But, as with anything I could not stop there so I moved on to the  Insight Timer app. This app is pretty neat because it is a community based app and you have different meditation coaches from around the world you can choose from, which is pretty awesome.  There is also a map showing who else is meditating with you even at 4 am, which has become my meditation time.

You can create a playlist of your favorite teachers and repeat teachings over and over. I find that I am a fan of guided meditation or meditation with music. It helps me to regulate my breathing and I don’t have to rely on my own thoughts, which can cause my mind to wander.

I found myself doing it in the morning but now I find that if I have a rough day or know that I am going to bed upset I will look up a sleep meditation on my app and use it to clear my mind. It has become my go to when I fall out of sorts.

I am by no means a guru but when I find something that works that has changed how I view my life throughout the day, I feel the need to share. We don’t give ourselves that time to just breathe. We use that time to watch T.V, eat or other things that are not productive. I don’t feel guilty when I meditate because I know that this time is for me and I am very selfish with my time. It is not hurting anyone and it has truly begun to change my life.

Try one or all of the apps or share and app. or meditation resource that you have tried. meditation


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