Vacancy by Tracey Ewens book review

Vacancy (A Love Story #6)Vacancy by Tracy Ewens
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You know when you read a book and you want to be friends with the character? Hollis is the complete opposite. This book is part of a series simply title A Love Story. I started with this series mid book with Stirred and I love it so much I had to find out what happens next. Well, it was ok. The writing was good although a little long winded at times but no amount of writing could make me like Hollis as a character. She was just a witch, although the other adjective would fit nicely here as well. The excuse for her funky attitude was her being the oldest and having all these expectations placed on her. But, she was too much maintenance for my taste and I almost wished that Matthew would have let her wallow in her own self pity because she was not worth it. Matthew was great and really too good for Hollis. I understand that opposite attract but a funky attitude does not. I have read books about feisty and demanding women before but this was character gave me the blues. I may give the next in the series a try or even the previous but I don’t like books that leave me drained and this one did just that.

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