I have my house back!!

I have my house back!! The kids were home for a week for winter break and I must say I have never been more excited to make school lunches. I picked up these strawberries from Publix. They were on sale for $1!! Can you believe that! I grabbed 4 containers and I am now down to 2!! Although, I hate the warmer months I love the bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

I decided to give the 2 little ones strawberries in their lunches and I made my first PB&J sandwich with my homemade jelly. The jelly was made from Welch’s grape juice and I will probably never buy store bought jelly again. I bought the juice for .94 with a coupon and got 5 jars out of the recipe and still had juice left for the ladies and especially my husband who LOVES grape juice. The recipe was actually included in the pectin box I used.

Now, to clean up my living room and get my home back. I get lazy when I don’t have to shuttle kids everywhere. So, now I can get back to work. How do you handle winter breaks? Do you find that you are still running ragged or do you find it a time to just, take a break??

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