Blood Guard book review

Blood Guard (Mission #1)Blood Guard by Megan Erickson
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It has been awhile since I went with a paranormal romance so, I jumped at the opportunity to review this one when I saw this on NetGalley.
Blood Guard is the first in a new series.It is a good versus evil vampire story with a chosen one, so to speak, names Tendra, also known as Ten. She is kidnapped by Athan, a blood guard and a member of the Gregorie Clan. His duty is to bring Ten back to his brother as a wife.
As Athan and Ten set out on their journey. They meet many fellow clansmen along the way and Ten learns more and more about the world she about to enter.
The character development was pretty good. It was a little off that Ten was so easily willing to take her place in the Gregorie clan so quickly buy other than that I appreciated that she was not a punk. Her mother made sure she was able to defend herself. Athan was a wonderful character, he was loyal to a fault even when some were not loyal to him.
My favorite part of the story is the plot twist, which I will not give away. It was a great climax to the story and had me excited for the next installment in this series.

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