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Lip Action (Kiss Talent Agency Book 1)Lip Action by Virna DePaul
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I received an advanced copy of this book from netgalley for and honest review. The book Lip Action is the first part of a series. I was drawn to it because of the cover even though the plot was a little quirky. We have Marissa who comes from privilege and whose every move is influenced by her family including her recent cheating ex-boyfriend. Her mother is trying to convince her that she needs to stay with him because of his pedigree. Little does she know that Simon is watching the entire exchange take place and that he realizes he may be able to use this as an opportunity to help each other out of their situations. Simon is an actor trying to improve his reputation by appearing to be a stable guy rather than a boy toy. Somewhere between the arrangement and the casual sex a love for one another develops. Both are in denial and believe that to wrong side of the tracks is not an opportunity for a love.
The quirky part was the actor trying to fix his reputation. It was a little unbelievable but I did like Simon. He was not overly arrogant and I think he helped loosen up Marissa quite a bit.
This was one of those great summer reads. Fun characters, sexy interaction and a happily ever after. I am looking forward to the next books in this series.

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