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Remember when your mother used to tell you to fix your face? Well, I am a mom and I am trying to do anything and everything to get myself together. I have put all my Sephora makeup in the drawers and have gone cold turkey when it comes to my skin.

My skin care routine is very simple. I use the oil cleansing method to clean my face and I also do not wash my face with soap…ESPECIALLY in the morning. I was given this tip by a guy in my local GNC. He told me that our body heals itself at night and that includes our face. So, when we wash our face in the morning we are washing away all of the healing oils our body produces.

Now, 15 years ago I probably could not get away with this but now with my hormonal acne kicking into overdrive, it has really been helping me quiet a bit.

I searched on Pinterest and found the oils that would benefit my skin. So my mixture is olive oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil and a few drops of orange essential oils. I use this mix for everything from makeup remover to full body moisturizer.

I also use a homemade brown sugar scrub especially during these winter months. The sugar scrub is made up of brown sugar, olive oil and the same orange essential oil. This is wonderful in the winter months. I use this in the morning, while I am in the shower to wash my face and scrub off the dead skin.

My last simple product is a simple apple cider vinegar toner. I use this if I am breaking out. However, I have found I don’t need it as much since I have found my new super product. That product is Cod Liver Oil, but that my friends is a whole ‘nother post.

Also, grab a bottle of children’s or baby sunscreen instead of buying the “specialty stuff”. If it is gentle enough for a baby it is gentle enough for your face.

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