Book Journaling

Since I am now an official book review blogger, I have decided to keep a book journal. I am using one of the many notebooks my husband receives from his vendors. This helps me to remember characters and events so that I can easily remember names and events and make my reviews better for you.

100 Books in a Year and Content Rules

October 8, 2015

AGH!! Car rider lane and no book!! No reading for me.

September 16, 2015

Every afternoon I look forward to the last few minutes of my day where I can be alone and read my books in the car rider lane. I have no idea what happened. You would think with this huge purse I would have a book tucked away for emergency purposes. No reading for me today. I had to suffer playing on my phone which I was not really happy with. Oh well, lesson learned.

Christine Warren Book Review

August 24, 2015

I walked into Dollar General and they had books for .25 on clearance!! Swoon. What the heck, I’ll take a chance and am I glad I did. Not your Ordinary Faerie Tale is a wonderful read. A cute fast-paced romance that I was plopped into the middle of. I usually do not like starting a book from the middle of a series but it was very easy to follow. This book series I am assuming has all the faces of paranormal wrapped in it considering the lead character’s friends were already hooked up with a werewolf and a vampire.

The characters are Corrine (whose name I LOVE). She is a reporter and she is being asked to find out about a elvin type creature being seen throughout the city. She is very reluctant to do so but her boss is insistent. She wants to protect her friends’ heart-mates and decides to go to the head guy in charge of the creatures called “Others” about her concerns. There is an entire explanation about the “Others” that I won’t get into.

This is when she meets Lucifer or as he likes to be called Luc. He is fae from Faerie (he is really picky about the name thing). We never get an explanation on his name, the author does not get that deep, which I kinda wanted. I am used to Sherrilyn Kenyon and Gena Showalter making my head hurt from all the twist and turns and backstories.

Both are looking to find this mystery fae that is wrecking havoc on the city. Since Corrine has receive the witnesses’ contact information from her boss, she is on her way to investigate. Of course, she cannot do this on her own and Luc must tag along. This of course starts the adventure as well as sexual tension.

It is a fast paced romance with heart-mates and some hot sex scenes and not bad for .25. There were a few grammatical errors but nothing too major.

Would I have bought it for full price? Probably. It was a good book and I read through it rather quickly. The cover was not cheesy which is always a plus and the female was far from a dingbat. She was very smart and  funny. The banter between the characters made me laugh out loud several times.

So, if you get a chance and luck up on this gem at your Dollar General or your local library give it a try.