Plant Nanny

May 24, 2016

I love apps that are functional and fun. This is Plant Nanny. It reminds you to drink water.
When you drink you give your plant a drink as well. I am scared to see what happens if you don’t. She is so cuuuute. Who would not take care of her.


Best Droid Apps for 2016

May 16, 2016

I am a Droid girl, in an Apple world. So, if you love Droid phones, I hope this video I found will help you with some of the best apps of 2016…so far

Coffee Day

September 29, 2015

It is national coffee day. As my kids and I listened to the radio this morning; they were doing a call-in session about how you like your coffee. They wanted these crazy orders for coffee. So of course my middle child asked how I take my coffee. Well, I am very simple, small coffee 4 creams 4 sugars and please don’t EVER get me Burger King coffee (worst coffee ever). So I am curious

hot coffee
hot coffee

I don’t watch the news and Facebook is about to be next.

July 30, 2015

I have not watch the news in years. It used to be part of my daily routine but now, not so much. I remember watching a news story with my daughter. The story was speaking of a little girl that was found dead after wandering off. My daughter could not sleep for weeks. I decided that this was no good for my morning or the rest of my day and so I rarely turn the T.V on at all in the morning unless it is for my kids as they get ready for school.

I am however, on Facebook every day. I know, I know it is a terrible habit that keeps me from getting anything done but I am nosy and I love to laugh as well as make others laugh. Memes are my favorite thing right now. However, with the recent stream of events between  Mike Brown, the Confederate, Donald Trump and  most recently Sandra Bland. I am more sick of Facebook than the actual news. I can scroll down my feed and see nothing but updates on stories every. damn. minute. UGH!! everyone wants to be the first to post what is going on in the world. The there are the constant police brutality videos. This does to me what the movie Rosewood does….make me mad. Why do I want to be constantly mad?? Why do I need to see something that has been going on for years long before camera phones??

Now don’t get me wrong I know being informed is important but my goodness when there is nothing you can do about it and all it does it make you mad, why feed that anger.  Constantly being inundated with the updates about it. Now what?? What will you do? As my mother would say

I have truly started going on Instagram more because I can filter what I want to see a lot better. If you are feeling like me head on over to Instagram. Type in the hashtag #funny and let the games begin. In the words of Tupac, while you are there,  FOLLOW ME!!!


July is Hot Dog Month

July 10, 2015


Hot Dog Month

I am a huge hot dog fan and I am not afraid to say it or eat it!! I love the restaurant Sonic due to the fact I can get a one at 10 a.m. because the serve lunch ALL DAY, which is right up my alley!! I love them with everything on it. The more the merrier. My husband laughs at me because he wonders; how can you even taste the hot dog with all that crap on it…Yes , I can? Well, it is National Hot Dog month so I am using any excuse to eat anyone?? Here are some ideas to top your dogs!!

From Rachel Ray Magazine


Happy Chocolate with Almonds Day

July 8, 2015

Happy chocolate with almonds day!


Have yourself and Almond Joy,  Hershey’s with almonds, Snickers, Mars bar or just scoop some up from favorite store Sprouts!! I love quirky days like this.