Image Breakfast Bonding

With Mister being on the road from LA to Texas to Paris we have had to adjust our schedules. I am the crazy lady dropping one child off at softball and picking up another one from band. He is stuck in hotels and meetings. For 18 years we saw each other almost every day. Now we have 3 weeks together and apart for a week or so. Not too bad. However, when Mister is home he is not wanting to leave the house. So, I started making these breakfast skillets. When I made them for myself they were full of veggies, sometimes no meat at all. When he discovered my concoction the entire thing changed…meat, meat and mo’meat. We eat these once or twice a week together at our kitchen island. It is just our little thing and has become a time of catching up and reflection. Who doesn’t like to eat and talk.

What little things do you and your significant other do that is just your own private time to catch up?