In the game of business you win or you die.

April 22, 2016


I can finally watch a season of Game of Thrones without someone (my husband) telling me what is right or wrong based upon the book.
Unfortunately, I will still have to hear him complain and scream…THAT’S NOT IN THE BOOK!!! Oh well, you can’t have everything. So, in honor of the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones ( I’m sure there are some grammar errors with all those ofs). I have decided to share this article from Inc. magazine, Enjoy.


5 things wrong with Beyonce’s Ivy Park fitness wear line…already

April 21, 2016

I am sure the beehive will buzzing after I make this post but I know marketing and this clothing line as it is, now does not stand a chance. It has nothing to do with the failure of House of Dereon. This is an entirely different concept. I watched the Ivy Park ad. I also saw the backlash from the Luluemon line which really is not that bad considering most of the people commenting had never heard of Luluemon until their tweet, which is awesome LOL. But as I watched the ad, I thought to myself whose idea was this? There are at least 5 things wrong with this entire concept.

  1. The Bodysuit. She wears this Bodysuit with Ivy Park across her stomach. Who wears that when they work out? Nobody…. All I see is a wedgie and no matter how cute something is I will not wear a wedgie while working out.
  2. The ad looks like a music video of her working out…kinda. It looks so staged that I already know I won’t buy it. When I see Kate Hudson’s commercials she is actually working out…go figure and telling me why she loves the line. It is about the clothes,  not Kate Hudson. I see her commercials and I want that jumper and the sweater dress. She looks like she could go to target after working out. Throw on the sweater dress and BOOM. I cannot relate to anything on that Ivy Park ad….nothing. Not even the played out waistband with IVY Park plastered on it. Do people still do that?
  3. No woman who works out wears a huge name over her chest. We may wear cute sayings but that huge lettering is not what I want.
  4. One of the stores, it will be available in is Nordstroms. Who decided on this price point? Hell, I don’t shop at Nordstrom and how many of her fans do? Who did the marketing analysis on this product launch? Who is her market and did anybody research the people who purchased her last album?
  5. Does her core market even workout?? Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce’s demographic is all over the place and there are some awesome inspired dance routines all over the internet but I promise you most of the people who will buy this workout line will not be working out. As a person who has only been working out a few months, I can tell you the last thing on my mind is the name of what I have on. I want my butt crack not to show and I want a good workout bra. I could care less if it is a name brand.

What is your opinion? Does Beyonce have the Midas touch will this turn into gold or a lump of coal??



7 Habits of Highly Effective People Animated Book

September 25, 2015


Frogs are slimy but they are good for you. Create New Habits

September 7, 2015

I have created this concept called a Master List. Is it original?…who knows. But, I will be 40 years old next month and there are some things that I would really like to do. Such as gardening, making bread and getting in shape, as a lifestyle. I was listening to my favorite podcast Entrepreneur on Fire and there was a guest speaking on habits. The biggest take away I received from the podcast was building on habits. Instead of starting with 5 habits on a Monday just start with one. Mine will be water….and actually drinking it. I swear I must be a witch because I hate drinking it but I feel great when I do. So I will start that habit and then build upon it the following week with meditation. Trust me when I say I am not a hippy or a disciplined person but I know that I cannot be successful in my business, or being the CEO of my house without first being able to walk up a flight of stairs without passing out.

Now, what does this have to do with my master list…everything. I love crossing out my accomplishments in my planner but I have to create the habit of doing so. I wake up at 4:30 am every morning and read, when I could be exercising or meditating and getting out of the way. But, why don’t I do it…because I don’t feel like it. Well, what the hell does that have to do with it anyway. I love the video Marie Forleo made a while back (see below) about doing things with passion instead of dreading things. Watch this quick clip Eat the frog and see what I mean. You may not feel like it but DO IT ANYWAY then you can get to the fun things on your list. It may not be baking bread but you’ll feel better that you got the vegetables out of the way and get to have some cake.

Make yourself a “MASTER LIST” and just write down everything you have ever wanted to do IN LIFE, money being no object because if it is…put it on your list. Then set yourself on a mission to create the habits that will make it happen. It won’t be easy, frogs are slimy and some have warts but once you get it down you can get to the goodies knowing you have conquered the frogs in your life and on your list.


Good Luck



Research your business and life like you research yo’ man!

September 1, 2015

You can do anything you want to do if you do your research. Anyone can be your mentor if they have a biography and website. Yes, the title was used to get your attention but it is also the truth. I have seen women know what their man ate and what his car tag is but they don’t the CEO of the company they work for. Really?? This is your life and your career. There are free services called the library, YouTube and Google. This does not require checking messages and sneaking passwords. It involves getting down to business, making Forbes your homepage and getting out a pen a pad and taking notes daily.

Don’t get me wrong relationships take time and trust but if your plate is full of a man there is no room for anything else.


Why Candy Crush Saga Is a Social Media Marketing Genius

August 26, 2015

My husband is on level 1200 something on Candy Crush. That is probably the lamest thing ever. But my husband has never been a normal kind of guy. I started him on candy crush when everyone else started on Candy Crush, about 2 or  3 years ago. He was curious about all the hype. So on a Father’s Day weekend he started playing and passed my level withing 3 days and I had been playing for a few months. It was nothing to ask your  Facebook friends for extra lives and get them within a few minutes. We were all on the same team. Eventually, my adult ADHD kicked in and I got bored and moved on. My husband still plays it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Don’t get me wrong he is not buying extra lives at all, he is just really good at the game. He is also a gamer all around. I am not sure if it is an accounting thing or what but it seems to relax him. He mentioned that when at a recent accounting conference, there was a break and all you heard simultaneously was the sound of that opening song from Candy Crush on people’s smart phones and i-Pads. BEAN COUNTERS UNITE!

So what does this have to do with social media marketing?? Everything! This is the core of it. Getting people to love your product and then introducing them to more of what you have to offer. It started with a dollar for 5 extra lives. Now, the game includes commercials that you have to watch and then you can gain some extra goodies for your game play. I am not a huge gamer. I mostly open it up on my Kindle when I am stuck somewhere without a new book or I get tired of reading (yes it does happen).  But, this my friends is what social media marketing is about. Creating those calls to action and getting people more involved in your products. They will continue to click around and eventually buy another game and then another.

My husband usually never falls for this but he did eventually download a new Angry birds game that was advertised. He was already a fan of Plants vs. Zombies, yet another ADHD drop off of mine.  It’s almost as if her ruins my excitement when he beats the game in 2 days. It really isn’t fun anymore after that. Then the peanut gallery of my children has to tell me how to play because “Daddy already beat that stage”….ugh.

So, when you are playing the newest app craze don’t forget about Candy Crush. It was the game that people had to have when they first got their smart phone and others followed suit. Yes, Angry Birds was the big one but Candy Crush nailed it! DIVINE!




August 4, 2015



Focus until it’s finished.

July 27, 2015




I don’t like to toot my own horn but I am a woman of many talents, a renaissance woman if you will. I just can’t help it.  I have to know how things work, how things are created and how I can do it too. The problem is I also become easily distracted. I guess I can say I have adult ADD but who cares about the diagnoses. How do I fix it?? I don’t want to be this flaky half accomplished twit. The problem is focus and my lack of it. I get excited about a task and then like a cat I see another shiny object and move on. This has got to stop. I think part of my issue is my sudden sense of freedom. The fact that all my kids are pretty self-sufficient even down to the 5 year old. I can pretty much tell them what to do and they can do it with little help from me. I can leave and run errands without babies on my hip and it feels like this sudden sense of freedom and I am looking at all these shiny things I would not look at because of that kid on my hip and ankles. That’s all well and good but what are we going to do about it. Well, today is Monday so we are going to change this. All you need is a Monday. You don’t need a new year, a new job or anything new to make a change. Start where you are right now and begin to make a change in how you do things. List the things you want to do this week, then this month, then by the end of the year and then decide how. Don’t move on until the you have done the task. This is the key. If you move on you’ll never go back or if you do you will have lost so much time and knowledge you will have to relearn it UGH…I know this all too well. Discipline yourself and those little dreams will grow and so will your confidence. Below I share a video from one of my favorite marketing gurus Marie Forleo who talks about why we you never follow through.