I have my house back!!

February 27, 2017

I have my house back!! The kids were home for a week for winter break and I must say I have never been more excited to make school lunches. I picked up these strawberries from Publix. They were on sale for $1!! Can you believe that! I grabbed 4 containers and I am now down to 2!! Although, I hate the warmer months I love the bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

I decided to give the 2 little ones strawberries in their lunches and I made my first PB&J sandwich with my homemade jelly. The jelly was made from Welch’s grape juice and I will probably never buy store bought jelly again. I bought the juice for .94 with a coupon and got 5 jars out of the recipe and still had juice left for the ladies and especially my husband who LOVES grape juice. The recipe was actually included in the pectin box I used.

Now, to clean up my living room and get my home back. I get lazy when I don’t have to shuttle kids everywhere. So, now I can get back to work. How do you handle winter breaks? Do you find that you are still running ragged or do you find it a time to just, take a break??


Clean with me

January 24, 2017



November 18, 2016


Dollar Tree Haul

October 18, 2016


4 am workout club

May 16, 2016

I kept saying I would do it and I finally did. I woke up at 4:25 and I knew I had already laid out all my things ready for my workout. But, oh my goodness it was so hard to get up. Then Les Brown popped into my head and all I could think of was him saying. “Do what other people don’t do, now, to have the things that others won’t have”.  I had to repeat this phrase about five times before I actually moved LOL…but I did it. Mandy, the cat, joined me in a Popsugar Apple TV workout and I had to pause a few times due to my aching knee but I made it and what did I learn.

  1. I actually had energy!! I was amazed at the pep in my step getting kids ready for school.
  2. It’s over! It felt really good to have something marked off my list before 5:30
  3. I wanted to do more.  I know it sounds crazy but I actually clicked on another video because I was so pumped.

So join me in the 4 am workout club. Just take a picture and add the hashtag #4amlop

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Have titties evolved since I was breastfeeding 6 years ago?

April 21, 2016

What in the world is going on with these new parents? Once again the Pinterest Posse and the Facebook Fabulousness has given people feelings of grandeur. I have breastfed 4 out of my 5 children. I have only had one person actually ask me to move to a bathroom and I politely sat in the middle of the mall COVERED and breastfed my child. I did not have a Facebook page or Twitter feed to post about it and nobody died and a baby did not suffocate against my breast while under a receiving blanket.

Also, what is up with these pictures of women breastfeeding while naked? I am sorry, have breasts evolved? I remember having on a nursing bra and having to have padding in those bras so that the milk would not leak because in the REAL WORLD…the milk comes down both breasts when you are nursing. So, unless you want a puddle of milk in your lap you had best keep your bra on.
Please stop the controversy. They make nursing shirts that will leave you covered and you can feed the baby comfortably. Stop making excuses to flop you titty out and get attention for breastfeeding. We don’t want to see baby penises and vaginas any more than we want to see your breast and this is coming from a woman who has breastfed 4.

I miss the good old days when you did not need a hand-clap for feeding your baby. You did not have to have $1000 birthday parties for your kids or wear tight maternity dresses to show off you baby bump. I know that mess is not comfortable. It is itchy and hot!!! I honestly think it is this new feeling of entitlement and arrogance. We don’t care how you feed the baby…just feed him. We don’t care about your cloth diapers just change the diaper. These are things that are as natural as breathing but people want praise for every breath they take.

What you need to do is raise your kids to be the best THEY can be, not to show off how awesome a mom you are. You are supposed to be awesome because if you have the time and resources to search Pinterest for the best birthday parties and boutique clothes for your child, you can also find the best books, resources and activities to engage their minds and make them great.

Your likes may not be as many but your child does not care about thumbs or double-tap hearts. They care about you doing all you can to make them great. Pulling your breast out in the middle of Starbucks is about YOUR praise or attention seeking because the child is going to eat 10 times that day and could care less about one feeding that you made a statement with your breast out. Even a simple nursing bra gives coverage. I’ve done it and I know it is not necessary.

What are some things that have changed since you have brought up your kids? What are some things that you wish new moms understood?