Image Cat poop is a pile of horse crap!!

My daughter and I did some volunteer fundraising for 4H at the Tractor Supply store. Customers came in and out buying horse supplies, chicken and goat feed. We live out in the country and are surrounded by farms. I have no knowledge of farm life, so I really had no interest. I got up to check out an archery target for my daughter and to check their prices on cat supplies (litter, food etc.). I found the off-brand litter and asked the manager how good it was. She told me that she has 4 cats, 3 of whom are boys and she mixes the litter with horse pellets….huh? The huge bag of horse pellets that she showed me was $5.99. What the heck, I gave it a try and WOW it really does cut the smell from my 3 fur-balls. She says she got the tip from her local vet. My cats have not been bothered by the texture and the pellets turn to a sawdust consistency when wet. I scoop the box like normal. I just dump it all in a plastic bin. I use and old clorox bottle that I cut up as a scoop like the picture shown. The red solo cup was too flimsy.

Give it try and let me know what you think




Image Why I let my teen and preteen watch the RHOA




Yep, I allow my teen and pre-teen to watch this T.V. show. I am sure people are clutching their pearls in shock. Oh hush. We use this show as a learning tool.

You see, I am a “real housewife” on the outskirts of Atlanta. I run errands, I pick up kids and I make appointments. So, to my kids this is like watching Cartoon Network….fiction. These woman are characters to them. They ask me, why are they acting like that?? Why? because THAT is not normal or real. When you have 5 kids and responsibilities the last thing you are thinking about is 5 inch heels, your lashes and weekday bahama trips (at least it should be). I just left my friend’s house and she was just a messy as I was was. With yoga pants an oversized shirts and flip-flips, because we had just dropped our kids off at school. Not in heels and a push bra. We had on sweatshirts and a yoga pants looking at drapery.

I am sure people will say that kids don’t understand the difference but that is bull. You allow them to have I-phones, Facebook and Tumblr accounts but they can’t figure out that you can’t drink wine at noon and pick up your kids at 3:30 without getting arrested?? Give your kids more credit. Unless you are these women with cameras following you to get Panera bread and colonics then you can have a seat. Children know the real deal, unless you have shown them otherwise. Don’t depend on T.V. to raise your kids. Instead use it as a learning tool to show them the difference between real and fake..scripted versus real life. #cabbagepatchtodat


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The Testimony nobody wants to hear

My mini-testimony When people give their testimony I love to hear where they have come from. The funny thing is that nobody asks mine……NOBODY!! People who know me already know my testimonial. They know me better than I know myself. People look at the outside and feel like, she...