Get you kitchen ready for the holidays

September 10, 2016

I love Do It on a Dime, from Youtube. She is one of my favorite organizing gurus. This is a great video on how to deep clean your kitchen. I need this and I hope it helps you as well.

Jesse Williams, he speaks so well.

June 27, 2016


I just listened to the speech that was heard around the world by Jesse Williams. The speech was outstanding, It is more of the reaction that is annoying me. I am sure people will read this and think, She is so negative. Why is she dogging out a good speech? I am not dogging out anything about the speech. However, there was an audience full of people with  brand names on their back who probably bought some more before the night was out. People who heard  it who are not even registered to vote, and they may or may not register after his speech. Then he is on a network created by black people and then sold to the highest bidder. The start of the network had shows like Teen Summit, Caribbean rhythms and the Tavis Smiley show. Now, you have a few sitcoms but their impact is nothing like it was when I grew up.

Saturday mornings we had Teen Summit and we could her a large group of youth speak fluently and articulate just like Mr. Williams.  There is also an interesting article on reasons Tavis Smiley was fired. Although, I think it is tongue in cheek :). But, BET does this all the time with Black Girls Rock. Why do you need one night when black girls rock, when you have an entire network that should be dedicated to us rocking DAILY!! Probably because there are no longer high ranking black executives since BET was sold. Pulling from Williams speech..they committed suicide on our magic for a profit.

So, what is the aftermath of the Jesse Williams’s speech? Will, parents do as Jesse’s did and teach them things that aren’t in the history books? Will people vote so that a majority black city does not have an all white government? Will, parents teach their kids to give back to the world rather take from it? Will parents and teachers not say people who speak like Jesse are  “trying to talk white” because he enunciates his words. Will we teach kids to focus on comprehension rather than career?

Nope, it will be hype for a minute. Hustle man will make Jesse Williams t-shirts. Then the new Jordans will come out and people will still be in line. People will use the excuse, that since Obama is gone we have no reason to vote.

Once this social media thing dies and “Black Twitter” moves on, nobody will care or move, at least no enough to make the difference that Jesse Williams knows we can if we stick together. A few will and really, I am sure that was his purpose. When you make a speech like that you are hoping that someone will grab it take hold of it. You can’t grab everyone but someone will move and make a change in their community and in the world.

My Ayesha Curry Crush…She’s my best friend and doesn’t know it.

April 22, 2016

I have a crush on Ayesha Curry. Not a lesbian crush because I am definitely straight. More of a let’s hang out at Bed, Bath and Beyond and bake bread type crush. My husband thinks I am crazy but I love this girl. I am about 17 years her senior but she reminds me so much of myself….without the green eyes…or the gorgeous face…or the basketball playing husband….but I digress.

When I say she reminds me of myself, I mean it in a few ways. She loves to cook as do I. She loves hanging out with her family with no shame. Plus, she is pretty conservative in her dress. Now, do not get me wrong I was a skanky little thing in my dating years but I’m a mom now so I had to calm all that down. Plus, contrary to Pinterest Perfect moms, you can’t chase a toddler in stilettos. Recently Ayesha pissed some people off by a recent twitter post, which is really ridiculous and I LOVED IT!! She basically said she covers herself up for her husband and skanks came from far and wide to “conservative shame her”

Recently Ayesha pissed some people off by a recent twitter post, which is really ridiculous and I LOVED IT!! She basically said she covers herself up for her husband. The skanks came from far and wide to “conservative shame her.” How dare she cover herself and say she does not rock out with her cooch out! That was just hilarious to me. Btw..isn’t slut-shaming an oxymoron??

Well, I found out she had a blog and a youtube channel and fell in love with this family. Of Course, I have seen the Curry’s daughter Riley at  the Press Conferences but maybe the fact that I have five girls and I deal with their mouths daily made me blank that out.  I really am not a basketball fan so I had no idea who the woman behind the man was. Then I sat for hours watching their adorable videos. You can check them out here but you better not try to steal my best friend who doesn’t even know it.



Cat poop is a pile of horse crap!!

February 22, 2016

My daughter and I did some volunteer fundraising for 4H at the Tractor Supply store. Customers came in and out buying horse supplies, chicken and goat feed. We live out in the country and are surrounded by farms. I have no knowledge of farm life, so I really had no interest. I got up to check out an archery target for my daughter and to check their prices on cat supplies (litter, food etc.). I found the off-brand litter and asked the manager how good it was. She told me that she has 4 cats, 3 of whom are boys and she mixes the litter with horse pellets….huh? The huge bag of horse pellets that she showed me was $5.99. What the heck, I gave it a try and WOW it really does cut the smell from my 3 fur-balls. She says she got the tip from her local vet. My cats have not been bothered by the texture and the pellets turn to a sawdust consistency when wet. I scoop the box like normal. I just dump it all in a plastic bin. I use and old clorox bottle that I cut up as a scoop like the picture shown. The red solo cup was too flimsy.

Give it try and let me know what you think



Why I let my teen and preteen watch the RHOA

January 25, 2016




Yep, I allow my teen and pre-teen to watch this T.V. show. I am sure people are clutching their pearls in shock. Oh hush. We use this show as a learning tool.

You see, I am a “real housewife” on the outskirts of Atlanta. I run errands, I pick up kids and I make appointments. So, to my kids this is like watching Cartoon Network….fiction. These woman are characters to them. They ask me, why are they acting like that?? Why? because THAT is not normal or real. When you have kids and responsibilities the last thing you are thinking about is 5 inch heels, you lashes and trips (at least it should be). I just left my friend’s house and she was just a messy as I was was, because we had just dropped our kids off at school. Not in heels and a push bra. We had on sweatshirts and a yoga pants looking at drapery.

I am sure people will say that kids don’t understand the difference but that is bull. You allow them to have I-phones, Facebook and Tumblr accounts but they can’t figure out that you can’t drink wine at noon and pick up your kids at 3:30 without getting arrested?? Give your kids more credit. Unless you are these women with cameras following you to get Panera bread and colonics then you can have a seat. Children know the real deal, unless you have shown them otherwise. Don’t depend on T.V. to raise your kids. Instead use it as a learning tool to show them the difference between real and fake..scripted versus real life. #cabbagepatchtodat


rhoa-s7 (1)

4 reasons to build your child’s resume in elementary school

September 9, 2015

These days there are articles talking about the stress that our kids go through being in school and being held to these high expectations. I think a lot of the time we set the expectations because society sets these expectations. We preach to our children about not following the crowd and being individual but I constantly see parents who are stressed out running around all day dropping a 6-7 year old to 15 different activities. Why? because Anna Grace’s daughter does tap, ballet, gymnastics and piano so we have to. We don’t have time to stop at home we have to run 5 days a week to activities and the Saturday we are spending all day on the soccer, football or baseball field doing an activity the child will probably hate before they are 9 years old….and you will too.

Being the mother of 5 I ran my self crazy with driving and keeping up with activities especially at the end of the school year. My husband finally stepped in and said, ” take a break, they don’t have to do something EVERY year”. So, I did. It felt wonderful to get kids off the bus and then not have to go anywhere. They enjoyed it too. Does it seem as if I am getting off topic, well I am coming back.

When my kids got into the 4 and 5th grades they were introduced to more activities through the school system. So we took full advantage of them . When we did so,  I learned a couple of things.

1) They were cheaper!! It is so much easier to pay $15- $40 for an activity ONCE than $65, every. single. month.

2) Birds of a feather flock together. The kids who are involved in before or after school activities usually have parents who care and are willing to put in the extra time it takes to transport the kids when it may not be so convenient.

3) Kids like to be around their friends and what better place to have them hanging out than at school. The 4-H program goes all the way to high-school. If they know that their friends are there they are more likely to stay involved. For example,  I have a child who is lazy as heck but she decided to take band in middle school. Then, she decided to do jazz band ( with a little convincing for me). She is now in high school and participates in marching band. Will she do anything besides band? Who knows but if one of her band-mates convinces her to join another activity she will be more likely to do it than if I suggested it. In other words, if you begin at an early age to move kids into a positive direction you can guide them into the right crowd and they are more likely to stay with that crown through high-school and even beyond

4) It looks good on college applications. I just got my oldest daughter into college. She is autistic but she still had to fill out applications for school and all sort of scholarships. As we began to look at the applications, some of them wanted a resume. Huh?? It has been 20+ years since I filled out a college application and this was all brand new to me. But unlike 20 years ago, I had Google to guide me and there were plenty of templates to choose from. Since my daughter is autistic we concentrated so much on her academics that we really did not push the extra curricular activities as much. But, she had things she could put on her resume. She participated in bowling, chorus and other activities, but man I could not help but think…could she have done more? Well, maybe some volunteer work would not have hurt but the application was not too shabby in the end. It did teach me that even if you have a straight A student; colleges and scholarship committees want the all around student. They want a well rounded resume of that child such as volunteer work, church groups, clubs and local organizations. These are not hard to get. I just had no idea about the need for them at such a young age.

I hope I have not overwhelmed you with my findings. Don’t get me wrong ballet, karate and all the extra activities are great for kids. But sometimes the most influential things are right under your nose in your community and local school or church. I have placed some links below to get you started. Also, check you local school district’s website for more ideas.