Image Have titties evolved since I was breastfeeding 6 years ago?

What in the world is going on with these new parents? Once again the Pinterest Posse and the Facebook Fabulousness has given people feelings of grandeur. I have breastfed 4 out of my 5 children. I have only had one person actually ask me to move to a bathroom and I politely sat in the middle of the mall COVERED and breastfed my child. I did not have a Facebook page or Twitter feed to post about it and nobody died and a baby did not suffocate against my breast while under a receiving blanket.

Also, what is up with these pictures of women breastfeeding while naked? I am sorry, have breasts evolved? I remember having on a nursing bra and having to have padding in those bras so that the milk would not leak because in the REAL WORLD…the milk comes down both breasts when you are nursing. So, unless you want a puddle of milk in your lap you had best keep your bra on.
Please stop the controversy. They make nursing shirts that will leave you covered and you can feed the baby comfortably. Stop making excuses to flop you titty out and get attention for breastfeeding. We don’t want to see baby penises and vaginas any more than we want to see your breast and this is coming from a woman who has breastfed 4.

I miss the good old days when you did not need a hand-clap for feeding your baby. You did not have to have $1000 birthday parties for your kids or wear tight maternity dresses to show off you baby bump. I know that mess is not comfortable. It is itchy and hot!!! I honestly think it is this new feeling of entitlement and arrogance. We don’t care how you feed the baby…just feed him. We don’t care about your cloth diapers just change the diaper. These are things that are as natural as breathing but people want praise for every breath they take.

What you need to do is raise your kids to be the best THEY can be, not to show off how awesome a mom you are. You are supposed to be awesome because if you have the time and resources to search Pinterest for the best birthday parties and boutique clothes for your child, you can also find the best books, resources and activities to engage their minds and make them great.

Your likes may not be as many but your child does not care about thumbs or double-tap hearts. They care about you doing all you can to make them great. Pulling your breast out in the middle of Starbucks is about YOUR praise or attention seeking because the child is going to eat 10 times that day and could care less about one feeding that you made a statement with your breast out. Even a simple nursing bra gives coverage. I’ve done it and I know it is not necessary.

What are some things that have changed since you have brought up your kids? What are some things that you wish new moms understood?


Image Monica McCarty “Viper” review

The Viper (Highland Guard, #4)The Viper by Monica McCarty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am normally not a fan of historical romance but Monica McCarty has converted me completely to this genre. I cannot stop reading this series. The women are strong, the men are heroic and the story is in depth. I will tell potential readers that this is a series you definitley want to start from the beginning and not mid-series. You will enjoy it so much more.
Lachlan “Viper” MacRuairi is our hero. We have met him throughout the other 3 books as we have all of the Highland guard. His eyes give him away and his past makes him who he is. That is until we meet Bella McDuff, whom we have also had glances of in previous books. She is a countess and is our brave heroine. She is one of the strongest and most inspirational women I have met in this entire series. Her strength and courage is also what attracts Viper.
The action in this book is non-stop. Bella, however, becomes a little annoying, which is the reason I have to give this book 4 stars. She really got on my nerves with her search for her daughter. I understood her plight but it got somewhat selfish and annoying as the book progressed. That is my only real complaint. But, MacRuairi made up for it, by showing us the reason his name is Viper. His action and fighting sequences are awesome and non-stop. Although, this is not a fantasy or paranormal genre the guys seem to do things that seem unbelievable but not in a bad way. It works and does not take a way from the story.
So far this is my favorite book in the series but I have a whole lot to go and I look forward to the rest of this series.

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Image Showalter book review

The Harder You Fall (The Original Heartbreakers, #3)The Harder You Fall by Gena Showalter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this book. It was my favorite of the Heartbreakers series. I enjoyed this finale as well as the entire series because you can read these out of order and not be lost. Showalter, is one of my favorite authors because of her Lords of the Underworld series. She, however, does not disappoint with this romance series.
Lincoln and Jessie Kay have been fighting their desire for each other the entire series. I wondered how this would work considering she has already slept with Lincoln’s other friends. But, this is a book so anything is possible including water under the bridge. Once you get over that fact, the book becomes adorable. I love Jessie Kay’s playfulness and how she breaks down Lincoln’s walls. She uses her strongest asset, which is her very outgoing personality, to woo Lincoln. There is even some action going on with a jealous wanna-be lover. I don’t think Showalter can get away without putting a little action adventure into all of her books and she has once again done it in a believable way.
This a great series to pick up especially for a by the pool summer read. It is light and fun and of course sexy.

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Image Act of Mercy Book Review

Act of Mercy (PSI Ops, #1)Act of Mercy by Mandy M. Roth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gvien this book for free for an honest book review. I have no idea where this book came from but WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!?? I loved this book so much. I laughed out loud so many times my kids thought I was crazy. These guys are hilarious and I am in love with them. Mercy is the heroin and she is a perfect. If a woman does not get on my nerves in a book she is a winner!! She was smart,helpful and not a pushover. I had no idea this was a spin-off of another series but I am a fan of this author and I definitely will check out her other books and the rest in this series.

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Image Cat poop is a pile of horse crap!!

My daughter and I did some volunteer fundraising for 4H at the Tractor Supply store. Customers came in and out buying horse supplies, chicken and goat feed. We live out in the country and are surrounded by farms. I have no knowledge of farm life, so I really had no interest. I got up to check out an archery target for my daughter and to check their prices on cat supplies (litter, food etc.). I found the off-brand litter and asked the manager how good it was. She told me that she has 4 cats, 3 of whom are boys and she mixes the litter with horse pellets….huh? The huge bag of horse pellets that she showed me was $5.99. What the heck, I gave it a try and WOW it really does cut the smell from my 3 fur-balls. She says she got the tip from her local vet. My cats have not been bothered by the texture and the pellets turn to a sawdust consistency when wet. I scoop the box like normal. I just dump it all in a plastic bin. I use and old clorox bottle that I cut up as a scoop like the picture shown. The red solo cup was too flimsy.

Give it try and let me know what you think




Image Divine Ecstasy Book Review

Divine Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #8)Divine Ecstasy by Setta Jay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

he has done it again. This woman is amazing. I received this book free for an honest book review. I have been running through this series like candy and I have yet to be disappointed. Being a fan of paranormal romance I have met many Hades characters but I must say this one is my favorites. He is arrogant, sexy and powerful.. The story begins where Drake’s left of with the Heroine Sacha some sort of magical coma and Hades awakens her with power and even THAT is sexy.
I liked Sacha’s back story and the fact that Hades was very sensitive to her needs and making her comfortable. Hades truly is a softy when it comes to the people he loves but not so much that it takes away from his character. Then there is the sex…OMG!! who knew a haircut could be so sexy. They are all kinds of nasty freaky!!
This series is wonderful and just keeps getting better with new characters and worlds being introduced to us every single time we read.

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Image All in for Lust book review

All In for Lust (Soul Seductors Book 1): A Paranormal Alpha Male RomanceAll In for Lust (Soul Seductors Book 1): A Paranormal Alpha Male Romance by Amelia Gates
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Too much to soon with no explanation

I received this bookA first book is supposed to make you desire to read the others. This book had potential until all the other characters were thrown into the mix. You do not have enough time to introduce new characters when I haven’t a clue about the first 2. I know what a soul seductor is but what happens to Maria Maria and Kraze? I could have been a fan if the author drew me in with the two main characters instead of all the co-stars.

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