Youtubers that have changed my life

March 6, 2017


4 am workout club

May 16, 2016

I kept saying I would do it and I finally did. I woke up at 4:25 and I knew I had already laid out all my things ready for my workout. But, oh my goodness it was so hard to get up. Then Les Brown popped into my head and all I could think of was him saying. “Do what other people don’t do, now, to have the things that others won’t have”.  I had to repeat this phrase about five times before I actually moved LOL…but I did it. Mandy, the cat, joined me in a Popsugar Apple TV workout and I had to pause a few times due to my aching knee but I made it and what did I learn.

  1. I actually had energy!! I was amazed at the pep in my step getting kids ready for school.
  2. It’s over! It felt really good to have something marked off my list before 5:30
  3. I wanted to do more.  I know it sounds crazy but I actually clicked on another video because I was so pumped.

So join me in the 4 am workout club. Just take a picture and add the hashtag #4amlop

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